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  General Questions & Answers


Question: How long will it take until I will be able to process credit cards?

Answer: Once you have signed and submitted back your merchant account application with the required paperwork, it typically takes between 7 and 10 business days. This process may take less time.


Question: Why does the application process take so long?

Answer: The application process typically takes between 7 and 10 business days. Any business that wishes to process credit card transactions requires a credit check performed by First Data Corporation. This required precautionary measure must be performed on every applicant. Once you are approved, First Data will then generate your merchant and terminal ID numbers, which are necessary in order to start processing. This is what usually takes the longest. You will receive an email with your merchant and terminal ID numbers as soon as we receive them.

*Note: Make sure the email address you supply on the application is one you frequently check because you will receive important status information via email.

Question: Will I receive a terminal swipe machine?

Answer: Paymetron is a credit card processing program that is integrated into GoFigure; therefore, data entered into GoFigure is gathered and sent through Paymetron without the need for a swiping machine. Paymetron displays all of your transactions results and allows you to modify any credit card information like credit card number, expiration date, and billing address for declined transactions.

Question: Why are there so many companies involved in this process?

Answer: ePayments Direct develops the credit card processing software Paymetron that receives data from GoFigure and sends that data to First Data for processing. First Data approves applicants and processes all credit card transactions from the information received from Paymetron. First Data captures funds and sends the funds to MerchantWarehouse. Merchant Warehouse provides the merchant account where all funds from transactions are deposited.

Question: Why do I have to submit so much paperwork?

All of these are required by First Data Corporation to validate that the business is indeed a business and it is operating legally. Also, they have to verify that the business is not running through a place of residence. These measures benefit and protect everyone from potential fraudulent activity that may exist that will accumulate unnecessary tax dollars and pass it onto consumers.