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Paymetron is a fast, easy, and secure way to immediately enable your existing software applications to process credit and debit cards in seconds over the world's largest processing network, First Data. 

Why is Paymetron fast, easy and secure? 
What are the benefits of using Paymetron versus a terminal machine?

How does Paymetron help reduce errors?
How does Paymetron help reduce charge-backs?
  Why is Paymetron fast, easy, and secure?


Fast: Authorizations are usually received within seconds.

Easy: Payments are automatically processed and saved inside your existing application with one click. 

Secure:All data is stored locally and all communications with First Data are through a secure connection. A high speed internet connection is required.


What are the benefits of using Paymetron versus a terminal machine?

Paymetron eliminates the need to enter credit card information multiple times.

Paymetron acts as a virtual terminal; therefore, you no longer have to rent, lease, purchase, or maintain your credit card swipe terminals. 

Paymetron uses your stored data from your existing order-entry system or ERP to process transactions. 

Paymetron reduces the risk of charge-backs and other errors that are a result of a terminal machine.

  How does Paymetron reduce errors?

Because the transaction originates and returns to your existing software application, you now no longer have to enter the purchase and payment information into multiple channels (credit card terminal, point-of-sale system, ERP, etc.). As a result, running the payment information from the same system as you enter your orders means you reduce the possibility of errors and, in turn, reduce the risk of charge-backs.

  How does Paymetron help reduce chargebacks?

  More than 1% of all "non-swiped" credit card transactions result in charge-backs to the merchant, with over 90% of those remaining unrecoverable due to lack of valid receipts. Having Paymetron integrated with your existing application mitigates these risks.